Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reno Day 2: selection of materials and meeting my mummy!

As the school holidays was coming to and end that I spent 16 days in Hong Kong, I met mummy on Tuesday to have lunch! 

We met really late (3.30pm?) for lunch at the new Toast Box in Serangoon Gardens.
It was so good to meet my mummy. Something I cherish a lot since I got married and left home. 

We had a little feast. Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Otah Toast and Eggs! I love the Mee Rebus from Wang's better. But I love Toast Box's Otah Toast! 
Mee Rebus.

Mee Siam.

The really awesome Otah toast.

I love soft boiled eggs too!

We then went supermarket shopping before heading to Udders for ice cream. The heat has indeed been insane here in Singapore.

After our outing, we headed home to meet my babies. Cartoon and Milky missed me like I missed them! The hubby the joined us before mummy accompanied us to the showroom in Yishun. 

We met Lionel to select the materials and to confirm the configuration for our home. 

For my kitchen, we're using Orange and Black for the laminates of the cupboards. 

Our kitchen's backsplash would be white...

The internal carcass of the cupboards would be this silvery gray.. which was also used in many other parts of the house.

Our dish drainer's glass would be tinted black.

For our TV feature wall, we opted for this shiny patterned white..

And to match that, we're having this matt black for the 'outlines'! 

We had a dilemma choosing the laminate for the study (2nd bedroom)... we ended up choosing this loving laminate for the doors.. 

And the exposed shelves with the glass door would have the same lovely white patterned print from the TV feature wall to make it look brighter and larger!

We're only doing a vanity counter for our MBR so this is the colour of quartz we're opting for...

We'd have this beautiful patterned laminate for the doors and a matching black patterned laminate for the body! 

The carcass of the vanity counter would be this beautiful brown grain..

And if it's out of stock, it'd be replaced with these.. 

Choosing laminates was though but choosing paints were even tougher!! As you may know, my current place at my mil's was painted in a beautiful array of colours last year.. it was so fun that it's kinda hard to be 'normal'! 

We opted for Lily White for our living hall...

And matched a really dark gray... (The bottom middle colour)
for our dining hall's wall and the wall behind the sofa! 

The study would be in the shade of clear water...

While my service yard would be in warm yellow! 

The bedroom would have Urban Gray behind the headboard of our bed while the rest of the room would be in Stylish Gray. 

We also then chose our EF cooker Hob and hood. 

And our toilet accessories. (The one on the right!) 

Lionel also threw in a rectangular mirror for our guest toilet. 

We opted for the storage heater on the left.. 
We had a dilemma between instant and storage heater. 

Storage heater: takes 10 mins or so to heat up, huge tank heated up at once (we don't usually shower at the same time so water warmed up wasted)
Instant heater: no need for wait, use what we need, need 2 units though! 

We ended up choosing the storage heater as I really didn't want to spend twice the amount for another heater. 

Our bidget spray. 

The entire selection took close to 3 hours! I'm so glad that we have it all sorted out (:

The 3 of us then went for a good dinner. Did I mention that I love Zi Char? 

I especially love sambal kang kong. A pity I just really really suck at cooking vegetables..

Anyway, the reno has just started and it's just getting really exciting! (: 

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