Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reno day 3: Kitchen base and electrical works

Lionel sent me this picture of the removed frame and windows for my service yard and I was thrilled! Now my kitchen does look a little longer! (: 

He also showed me a shot of his men taking measurements for my pelmet wall in the study. Here is where we'll have our 'fake wall' book shelf! 

I popped by in the later half of the afternoon after meeting Sandra, nana and shaylene for lunch at Plaza Singapura. It sure is nice not to need to work! 

On day 3, electrical works were done... 
Our MBR's main switch.

The MBR's relocated electrical point to fit my 'walk-in' wardrobe.

Relocating the lighting point for my bedroom's chandelier. 

Wiring for the downlights to my wardrobe area..

Relocation of switch to allow for plugs in my bookshelf..

For the downlights and chandelier in the dining hall. 

Downlights in the living hall... 

Downlights in the living hall... 

Downlights in the living hall... 

Downlights in the living hall... 

Switch for lighting behind the sofa..

Relocation of TV wiring and switches.

Our floor being protected..

Main switch by the door.

Work was also done for our kitchen base..

This guy working on our kitchen base was good at his work! I stood by and watched in awe.

I also took the measurements for our windows to plan for our curtains and blinds.

I love my kitchen! 

Relocation of wiring for my tall unit in the kitchen.

Relocation of wiring for cooker hob and hood.

The kitchen base on the longer side of the wall! 


The area where the frame and door was torn looks really horrible now though.. can't wait for it to be made good! (:  

Same guy hard at work! 

Tiles for the kitchen base (:

Pano view of the hall and kitchen. I'm just too excited! (: 

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