Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sourcing for curtains, blinds and stuff..

Yesterday, I headed to ikea after lunch and after visiting our unit. Since there was no work done yesterday, I decided to head to ikea to do some research. It is their sales period so it was packed! 

I spotted this muffin tin and liners and it's so pretty! But the liners have to be purchased from ikea only.. making it possibly hard to replace should this product be discontinued someday. Still very pretty nonetheless!

I then eyed this chopping board but was advised by a friend to give it a miss as it "causes" a lot of splinters when in use. 

I then headed to the blinds department to see if I could find something that fits our window dimensions. Ikea sure has a decent range of blinds! A pity the longest one is too short for our rooms... Unless we opt for 2 shorter blinds.. 

They've got white..




In between grey and black..

They also had a lovely range of curtains but they're meant for rather short windows of 250cm. So lovely colours I would say. 

An array of blues!

Reds and prints..

Shades of purple..

I liked this almost black out black! 

They also had a nice range of prints for blinds..

More prints..

Day curtains too.. But all too short!

I love this print soooo much! A pity it can't be made into blinds..

This is pretty too! 

The cushion covers are really pretty too! 

So many types! 

I went to check out their shelving too.. 

And I exceptionally liked this! And it's only 69bucks or so! Now... Where can I place this?

They also have a wide range of support for the shelving. 

This one is pretty modern!

The ring one is interesting. 

A nice metal one. 

I love the lights! A pity all our lights have been purchased. Most lights are so pretty I'm just so spoilt for choice! I wish I had more space for more lights!

I also found the sofa I've been looking for.. A lush green grass like sofa! 

We'll also be getting this picture to go behind our sofa. 

And I like this a lot cos it's beautifully red! The only issue and biggest issue is.. We probably don't have any space for it. >.<

I also visited the sewing centre to check out their curtains. I quite like this print for night sofa in the curtain but I'm still in a dilemma as on what to get.. Oh woe is me!

After all that 'me-time', I headed home to get ready for the wedding dinner I was attending with my mum on behalf of my dad! He was busy with work so we were like the representatives. 

I love how falsies enhance my eyes!

The evening sunset was really beautiful yesterday as we drove to Swissotel for the dinner. 

The groom is a friend of my dad and he found love at a later age. He shared his testimony on stage and it blew many away. He was a convict and fell in and out of prison many times before he found God and turned his life around. Even his pastor "squatted" in prison 9 times! Of the 55 tables the couple had for dinner, at least 8 tables of guests were cases like him. People who found love in God, and are shining bright for Him. 

Pretty awesome testimony I would say. Amazing wedding too. Wedded bliss to the married couple! (: 

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