Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 5 of reno: False ceiling up, service yard made good and curtain measurements taken

It's funny how time flies.. and it's already the 5th day of our renovation. Today, our false ceiling is up... our service yard that was broken was made good and I had the curtain guys come up to take measurements and offer us a quotation. 

It's always thrilling looking at this part of the kitchen knowing that it adds to the visual length of the kitchen. 

Today, the guy working on our kitchen and toilet base worked on this part of the kitchen. The spare tiles provided by HDB differed in colour (I'm so not surprised)... 

He tried his best to make the sides better and replaced the tiles.. I guess with the naked eye, the colour difference isn't that large.

After all, what's a little colour difference when they've already TETRIS-ed my kitchen floor tiles?

Nevertheless, it's still good. Still good. 

I can't wait for the cemented portions to be painted over..

This part will show a little after my kitchen cabinets go in...

Then, the false ceiling is up too!  
This is the area above our dining hall. 

Space for our air con unit..

Which does look a little weird for now...

Our L-box false ceiling to have the cove light and down lights...

False ceiling above our feature wall...

Above the sofa..

Above the window!

This is the pelmet made to conceal the trunking of the air con for the living hall.

Our corridor..

The ceiling in the MBR has been lowered.. 

False ceiling for cove lights in the MBR and downlights where my wardrobe walk-way is gonne be. 

Where the false ceiling ends, my wardrobe would end too.. leaving a small walk-way at the back, near the toilet door for my wardrobe.

The greatest joy of the day would be seeing this pelmet book shelf being up. It's larger than what the hubby and I expected.. but it's good too so we can fit more stuff!! 

It's like our renovation materialising! We wanted 4 shelves on the left but decided on 3 ultimately so we could fit our sofa bed...

I also had the curtains guy to come down to take some measurements and to give me a rough quotation. It'd set us back 1.4k to do up a day and night curtain in the hall and blinds for the two... still costly I would say... but we're still giving it some thought! 

I'm so inspired by this walk-way that I wanna paint ours something like this to infuse some fun! Oh man! 
It sure is fun doing the home renovations. I can't wait for it all to be completed! 

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