Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 13 in Hong Kong: Hong Kong Disneyland!

On Day 13 of our trip, the hubby took me to Disneyland. It must have only been in the recent years that I fell so deeply in love with Disneyland. It took a lot of contemplation before we decided to head to the Hong Kong's Disneyland as there were a few factors holding me back from visiting it.. 

We finally decided to visit it... It must have been one of the hottest day since we got to Hong Kong! Gatsby Ice Wipes were like the best invention for this day (: We started the day by visiting the shops to enjoy the air conditioning..

These soft toys were so adorable!

These balloons were so cute!

My favourite! (: 

Our first ride was the Tarzan Treehouse.. it was good but the weather was horrid! 

Next, we headed to the Mystic Manor and we loved the air conditioning! (: 

The ride was pretty awesome and I really love how Disney can make everything seem so alive and often give me a shock in their rides. Pleasant shocks I like! (: 

The hubby doesn't like heights so I took the roller coaster on my own. This roller coaster allows one to travel backwards.. and it was awesome that single riders get priority in the ride. I LOVE THIS RIDE THE MOST! I went on it twice cos it was just so fun! (: The backwards rollercoaster is actually less frightening than the forward one! 

We then headed to Toy Story Land.. 

The hubby and I took the slinky dog ride.. it looks harmless but it was fast! And when there were only 2 of us on the ride, our butts slid to the outer seat of the ride! (: 
Next up, there was this harmless looking U-shaped pirate ride. It really looked harmless to me but GOSH. My body was left up at the ends when I took the ride alone.. It was even scarier than a roller coaster!!!!!!!!!! But I love it nonetheless.... but something I won't take twice in a visit for my own sanity. XD

The heat was really insane. Hong Kong in June is somewhat undesirable cos' of the heat... and the torrential downpours that also happen during this period.

Here's us queuing for the 3D Mickey show!

We spotted this boy with this Apple haircut.. like seriously?

We spotted Duffy here too! Which came as a surprise to me as I thought that it was only available in Japan.. but I then learned that Shellie May is the exclusive one (:  
We found so many adorable costumes for Duffy! I almost wanted to bring one home...

For lunch, we headed to Tomorrow Land for lunch.. 

The hubby did have some fun with his chicken gloves!

After lunch, we headed for the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters! 

The queue for this was decent as compared to what we queued for in Tokyo! 

We then spotted the parade but we didn't stay to watch it.. 

We then popped by Stitch Encounter.. It was a pity it was conducted in Mandarin.. however, it did not fail to blow us away. It was an interactive performance where Stitch communicated with the audience.. The have it conducted in 3 languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese. I would have loved the English version more (: 

As it got rather warm, the hubby let me buy a new tee to change into! I LOVE my Sulley tee! 

I love dumbo! 

And I love OOOOOOOO too! 

Hello Mr Potato! (: 

 I also like Mike! 

There was also a parachute like ride in Toy Story Land.. We didn't take this though! 

Pizza Cones! 


Ice creams! (: I love the blackcurrent jelly one! 

Truth be told, there aren't many rides in this park... The heat was also insane... 
Hong Kong Disneyland in June is not a very wise idea. The heat made the mood less lovely. 

I miss the cold cold Disneyland mood we enjoyed in Tokyo earlier this year during our Honeymoon.. 

And since I won our bet in the theme park, the hubby let me purchase everything I wanted. EVERYTHING was good. >.<

We saw the Frozen dolls! (: 

There were couple other Frozen merchandise.. 



"I am OLAF and I like warm hugs!"

I went loose at the household department! (: 
Adorable bowls!


So many adorable items.. There were so many things I wanted to buy but resisted... 

I was then spoilt for choice... I like both dolls.. I like Scully more but I loved Dumbo's touch better.. 

Spotted Mickey Waffles! 

It then started to drizzle... The weather then became a little better..

But it was time to leave..


Love the convenience too.. 

My purchases for the trip! (: I couldn't resist buying Scully so I took him home.. I can't wait for our kitchen to be ready so I can doll it up with all the lovely stuff I have! (: 

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