Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 12: of painting checks

 We're down to Day 12 of our renovation journey. Most of the work is really slowed down cos it's been completed.. We're pretty much waiting for our carpentry to be fitted in order for the rest of the items to be put up.. Then we'll be ready to move in! (: 

After not dropping in for a couple of days, I finally did so today.. I checked the unit for areas that might need touching up... Lionel and Richie then popped by to check out the minor defects that needed touching up. I found a number of areas that needed some touch-up. 

Minor dent in the service yard's wall. 

Unevenness in the divider between the kitchen and service yard..

We'll be painting these pipes black! (: 

I wanted to box these up but the location and thickness of the pipes would make it so narrow for my washing machine so we decided against it..

The dividers really look quite bad.. 

Our kitchen bases are constructed and ready for the carpentry! We had nippon paints for our unit..

The longer side of the kitchen... 

The shorter side with the tall unit and my fav pull out table! We had issues with it today.. but I'm glad my IDs managed to improvise the design! (: 

I LOVE the kitchen so very much. The orange service yard is like the end of a rainbow, so merry! (: The windows will go up towards the end.. 

This is our dining hall wall, which we had painted in a dark gray..

The wall behind our sofa is also painted dark gray.. This is where our red sofa will be along with our huge black and white picture.
Our flexi tap is such a beauty! 

And so is the basin! It's as huge as I'd like it to be and it's amazing! (: We got ours from Lite Fusion.

This is the dining hall that's next to the main door. 

Little defect left by the BSC. Our guys will mend it.. 

The wall between the sofa wall and the corridor wasn't painted straight enough so it's gonna be touched up too..

Same for the aircon area in the MBR.

Our living hall bedroom! Our TV feature wall will be on the right! (: 

Our pelmet wall in the study (: It had quite a number of rough bumpy surfaces though.. 


Little bumps..
To construct the pelmet bookshelf, we had the skirting tore out. Seriously, HDB's standard of gluing a skirting is HORRENDOUS. 

Love our view! (: The estate is finally coming together! 

The long wall in the MBR for our full shelf! (: 

The MBR. 

The wall where our bed and wardrobe are going to be (: 

2 colours! 

The wall with the air-con! 

The light switches that need some touching up.

And this wall that totally shows how HDB gives us terribly uneven pre-fab walls.

Some little corners in the MBR under our air con trunking that needs some touching up.

Our blinds from Spotlight! (: 

So these little defects would be rectified and our chemical cleaning to be carried out soon.. Can't wait for our carpentry to be ready! (: 

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