Thursday, July 17, 2014

Taobao home shopping (Part 2)- bone china set, mason jars, totoro painting, baking set etc

While we're waiting for our 1st batch of taobao purchases, I started buying batch 2. Taobao shopping is addictive. VERY VERY ADDICTIVE. I wanted to only buy 1 or 2 items coupled with the bone china set someone from the fb taobao group recommended... I ended up adding some items.. and quickly checked out my cart! 

Well.... peeka is generous.. it allows me to add items to my cart up to a certain limit. So, today, I added even more items! Here are my items for the second batch.. and I'm really hoping I don't add anymore.. I've bookmarked several items for batch 3 already though! 

There's always the debate of using an agent vs a forwarder. I like peeka for their efficiency and convenience it brings me.. So even though I know they cost more, I still choose them. (: Sea shipping is often my choice for it calculates items by volumetric weight while freight calculates by weight.. I've used both services before and they're pretty good! 

I am sharing some of the links here.. links are accurate as of the posting of this post. 
Links may expire and promotions may have ended by the time you decide to get them.

Here's a rice 'brush' cum sieve. 

Mini cake machine for merely 10 bucks at my point of purchase (before shipping!)... 

Rack for the kitchen...

For the sink.. to increase my counter top space..

A citrus spray.. which is really costly off the rack.. but this was merely sgd$1.50!

I've always had this love for mason jars and I silly-ly bought 1 for sgd$24 on qoo10! I quickly cancelled my order realising my mistake and sought on taobao instead.. So here I am, getting 6 301ml ones for only $22 before shipping!

Silicon straws..

Polka dot caps!

A larger 600ml mason jar..

Bone china plates in 2 sizes..

Bone China triangular bowls... 

28pcs bone china set for merely 30+ before shipping! 

A baking set I just couldn't resist. It was merely sgd$29 before shipping at point of purchase. It's a promo item but it's too cheap to resist! (: 

Zoku cups! sgd$10+ only! 

Totoro pictures with frames for our dining hall.

A leather remote control holder..

Mini diy kit for ma...

Mini cupcake stands..

Condiments set..

Rack that I intend to use to sort out my baking trays..

Extendable sides dish drainer..

Rods for keeping food fresh...

Rila mould (:



  1. u receive all the goods d? how the condition?

    1. Hello, I've just ordered them. Items won't be here till few weeks later.

    2. Okok, looking forward to see your news blog regarding to the items picture =)

  2. Hi Cynthia, could you pls share with me the link for the rack you be using to sort out your baking tray. I have been wanting to buy but don't know how to find on taobao as Chinese is very limited. heehee. Thank you very much!


    1. Hi Chloe,

      here you go

  3. Hi Cynthia, please share the link for the mini diy kit. It's so adorable, would like to get it for my daughter.

    1. hello! sure!

  4. Hi, could you advise what are the items categorised under 'Special goods' for shipping to Singapore? I paid almost RMB300+ for 6kg items. Thought it may not be worth it buying from overseas sites after incorporating shipping charges. Thanks.

    1. What did you buy? Different companies have different charges.

      Generally, a 6kg bag isn't gonna be cheap cos the base charge is expensive. I usually aim for a 10 - 15 kg bag to get about $6 per kg

  5. Hi Cynthia,

    I've ordered glass from taobao recently via 4PX. However, items were all broken even with "Fragile" sticker on the parcel packaging. :(

    4PX nv refunded as they claimed that they don't hold responsibility to ship fragile items.

    So i was wondering how's ur glass and fragile items'condition when received?

    1. Hello,

      4px is not an agent and yes, they are not responsible for the checking of items.Did you ask for the seller to pack the item well for international shipping?

      So far glass items bought via agent peeka and 4px were good. I had 2 out of 10 mason jars purchased for a friend via 4px broken but seller did refund us out of goodwill. As with all online shipping, there's a certain amount of risk involved in shipping fragile items.


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