Friday, July 4, 2014

Makeup from Zalora!

If you know me, you'd know that I love colours... and that I love falsies! But falsies alone is insufficient.. I've found a great place to get makeup products for women at Zalora! As you know.. I teach and truly, I barely have time to bake or rest, let alone do physical shopping! Hence, online shopping is one way I get my loot! (Like my book stash a few weeks back!) 

Falsies are awesome in opening up one's eyes but it just isn't enough.. Colours are so important too..
I'm totally eyeing this beautiful Sephora medium palette set from Zalora that consists of 33 eye shadows, 12 glosses and 3 liners! Imagine all the looks I can get!!!!! 

Not to mention that the colours are so pretty. Like so so so so pretty! I'm totally adding this to my shopping cart and check it out when I settle down at our new place! (: 

The colours in it would totally make any outfit rock...

And make my eyes pretty...

And even prettier! 

Also, I think it's time I stock up on some other makeup products too.. After all, concealer and blusher is just my lazy way of dolling up lately! I should get my foundation.. loose powder, primer, eyeliner and all real soon and I think Zalora is awesome for me! How about you? (: 

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