Sunday, December 7, 2014

TAOBAO SHOPPING - Shoes and socks

Here are the links to some of the shoes I've gotten from Taobao. Links are valid as at point of posting.

NB Shoes (Replica)

NB shoes (Replica)


  1. Hi came across your blog while google. You using taobao from Sg or another offical Taobao website in chinese? Need advise. whats the different. which is cheaper. is delivery okay? both trustable?

    1. Wendy,

      I buy direct from taobao SEA and ship via their appointed forwarders. Different items I ship differently. I use agents too.

      Cheaper doesn't mean faster. Neither does it mean better. You've to choose a method that you are comfortable with. As with all online purchases, everything comes with risk (:


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