Friday, June 12, 2015

2 ingredient ice cream without machine

Never have I ever imagined that I could get great tasting home-made ice cream without the use of an ice-cream machine. I was about to sleep last night and I chanced upon this recipe by Gemma of Bigger Bolder Baking. Goodness, I pranced out of bed and went ahead to make this! 

This is simple and takes merely 15 minutes to put together. I'd rate it a difficulty level 2 out of 5. 

I made 2 different flavours with this base and there's definitely so many more flavours I want to explore! 

2 ingredient ice cream recipe

This recipe yields 2 pints of ice cream

450ml whipping cream
400g condensed milk (Just nice use of 1 can)

ingredients/toppings of your choice

I made a Lotus biscoff version.. and also a black sesame version! 


Pour cold whipping cream into mixer. You can also do this with a hand mixer or by whisk.

Whisk till soft peaks.

Add in condensed milk (preferably room temp/cold)

Mix till medium peaks are formed

For the black sesame version, add in 40g black sesame powder and mix gently.

Add another 40g and fold in gently

For the biscoff version, crush about 8 cookies for 1/2 the amount of base. Mix well.

Scatter more if you like. 

Black sesame version.

Freeze ice-cream overnight or till ice-cream sets. 
I was pleasantly surprised at how light the ice cream was despite the fact that there was no use of ice-cream machine.. I can't wait to explore more flavours! 

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