Saturday, August 8, 2015

313 Food Trail & Tring 313 App

2 Saturdays ago, I was invited to 313 for a food trail! I'm so behind time with my blog posts XD (That's what work has been doing to me! I barely have the strength to bake too! ):)

In any case, I had so much fun with 9 other food bloggers and we were so well fed! We visited many food eateries in 313 and I was pretty surprised at the number of good eateries there were in 313.. to think I only ate from the quick eateries at the basement whenever I pass by and need a quick bite.. I'm also gonna introduce the Tring 313 apps that brings you many promotions by the mall! 

Our first stop was Soup Tokyo

I really like the fact that they had frozen soup for sale! Great for lazy days.. I was out the entire day then so I didn't get any.. but I will return to get some! 

Tomato Chicken Curry

Onion Chicken Curry with brown rice. It was so tasty (the rice) that I thought it was fried rice! The lobster bisque was really good too.. 

Lemon Tea Soda.. the type the hubby would mix when he's at dispenser drinks! XD

4 signature soups.. The other soup I liked was the Tokyo Beef Borsch.. 

They have this 2 for 2 Buddy Curry and Soup Set.. buy 2 curries and get 2 soups! (: 
This eatery reminds me of Tokyo... and... 

Our second stop was Chabuton

The signature Chabuton Tonkutsu Ramen.. 

One with spiced minced pork! 

This gyoza was so juicy and I love that it was perfectly crafted for one bite.. no more drippy gyoza! 


The Mentai Ebi was the bomb.. I fell in love! 

This was my favourite dish of them all.. the dried ramen that comes with a hot salty dip. It was my first try and I really loved it! I'll definitely be back for that.. 

Our spread! (: 

And not to mention, beautifully lava-ed eggs.. 

Our third stop: O'ma Spoon (pronounced as Oh My Spoon!)

Korean Bingsu is meant to be shaved frozen milk.. not flavoured ice.. This is one popular joint that prides themselves in serving that! 

Injeolmi Bingsu, one scattered with soy bean powder.. I love the mochi in this one!

The green tea bingsu with a generous scoop of green tea ice cream.. I love the bite of the almond flakes in this.. 

Injeolmi Toast.. 

Mango Bingsu! Super generous with the mango! 

My other favourite: The Choco Strawberry.. 

The portions here are HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Korean Bingsus are usually shared, hence the large portions for sharing. O'ma spoon also has petite bingsus in cups.. but why eat alone when you can share! 

Our next stop was Pie Face. Truth be told, this was a shop I'd never step into previously.. after all, as with most Singaporeans, we're not exactly pie eaters.. 2 favourite pies of mine changed my perception though! 

Pie Face uses different emotions to represent the pie types they carry.. 

My favourite was the scowl-ed faced one.. 

The Chunky Steak pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really liked this! 

The mushroom one was pretty good too... 

They even carry sweets... 

Mousse tarts! I really really really love the mini lemon pie.. Sweet and tangy.. I like! 

Almond frangipani (pretty good) and Apple Crumble..

The insides of the mousse tart! 

By this time.. we were pretty full... but still happy to eat more! XD 

We visited Chir Chir Fushion Chicken Factory... I'm sure this place needs no introduction.. it's wildly popular among the locals and foreigners alike.. 

Nest Snow.. don't be fooled by this dish.. it packed a good amount of spices giving it a good spicy kick! 

Honey Grape Salad.. Something new but wasn't to my liking >.<

Special forks for eating! 

Crispy Fried Wings.. I loved this one the best! 

Spicy Wings..

Soda using a cool gadget!! All performed live at the dining table! 

This was the Passion Yellow Tok Tok >.< such an adorable name! 

This was my other favourite, the chicken was so moist and tender! 

Blue Marine Tok Tok >.<

Coconut Milktail 

Such a spread!

Chir Cream beer! 


The cream and cheese was good with the spicy chicken!

Lady Killer

Our last stop was at the basement where many food kiosks were.. 

Dinata calls this adorable snack the chicken drumstick! They also have Portuguese egg tarts...  

Chocolate Doughssan and Cornucopia Hazelnut

Hvala Waffle Bar has sticked waffles that were easy to eat! They also have soft-serve that's made with vanilla bean which is really rare! It also made the soft serve very tasty.. 

The Tiramisu Waffle..

The Apple Cinamon Waffle, my favourite of them all.. 

I was indeed well-fed from the food trail XD 

313 has an app that features promotions with partnering merchants in the mall.. 
The app is easily downloaded from the app store or android store.. 

Akin to the Groupon app, vouchers offered by the merchants can be purchased and presented at the shop to enjoy the offers.. I spotted some really good ones today! 

Half priced voucher!

Half priced drinks.. special promotions for National Day..

Promotions for Hvala Waffle Bar! 

Smoothie King and Dinata promotion! I'm so gonna get the one for Smoothie King cos I love it to bits!!!! 

Even Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory has got promotional vouchers for sale.. and some are only in limited quantity.. I heard that the O'ma spoon ones gets sold out really quickly! So do check out the Tring 313 app and check out the eateries too! (: 

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