Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 8 - Harajuku and Meiji Shrine

Day 8 was specially kept for shopping.. We slept to our heart's content and headed out only around noon. The hubby has been busy trimming and packing his gundam and we had lots of the gundam runners left. We needed them packed by the housekeeping ladies so I left a note in Google Translate Japanese.

The husband thinks I should be dumped too XD 

We took a train to Omotesando and strolled along their streets. It was an upscale street that had lots of shops selling branded goods. 

We spotted an awesome toy store - Kiddy Land! 
We spent a good amount of time in this toy store..

This 5 storey toy store is mad amazing!!!
I was even contemplating on buying this Polaroid..

They had super cool mobile phone covers.. a pity they were all for iPhones.. 

We strolled down towards Harajuku and were attracted by crepes! 

Crepes!! Mine was a strawberry mieufieulle crepe while the hubby's was a caramel cheesecake crepe! An entire slice of cheesecake in the crepe!
It was extremely tasty!

I was surprised how the hubby had an entire slice of cheesecake in his! 

We strolled down Harajuku and were amazed at the fashion we saw. Not so much the way the people dressed but the fashion that was being offered. We settled for our brunch at a Tonkatsu place. 

Mixed Tonkatsu and Chicken with cheese curry Tonkatsu for lunch (:

My chicken cutlet and ebi! 

The hubby's curry and cutlet. 

There was a Calbee shop there sold freshly fried chips! That and special flavoured chips.. 

In Harajuku Alta, I spotted these adorable snacks. They were being introduced on Waku Waku Japan before! 

We then stepped into the famous 5 storey Harajuku Daiso. 

There were lots of HK items on sale!

And as we strolled,, I spotted these. HELLO KITTY CONTACT LENSES. I was like 'wow'. Sadly, it wasn't like those registered optician that I'd usually get my lenses from.. it was just a fashion shop selling fashion lenses. 

I just love the colours on the streets.

We then made our way towards Harajuku station.. and went around the back to Meiji Shrine. 

It got so relaxing. I literally felt myself enter another domain. 

The hubby was being cheeky.

Trying to act all cool.. Okay, he was waiting for me (cos I was like sooooo slow and snapping photos..) so he got a little impatient.. 

Many people made their wish at the tree.. 

We took a train to Shibuya where we visited The Loft. 

The Loft in Shibuya has got multiple storeys of shopping too! Love the household dept too! After shopping, we're resting at the Shibuya City Lounge (:
The Loft is like a one stop mall for all kinds of shopping! I was especially attracted to the household section. After shopping, we got work out so we rested at the Shibuya Sky Longue within The Loft. 

I never knew how good garlic flakes were on pizza.. till I had this.

And while the hubby rested at the lounge, I roamed to the cosmetics/beauty department. 

Many beautiful nail stickers!

Mini LED lamps for gel nails!

It was really popular...

There was even a mini LED light that's super portable for doing up gel nails. 

Not forgetting the trend now in masks.. 

I had a really great time shopping! There were some other items I forgot to take shots of.. XD 

Of course, we spent a fair bit of time trimming the hubby's gundams, cutting them out of the runners so that we could compact them.. it's for his personal collection so he didn't mind it being cut and packed.. 

My collection! This excludes the 2 I already have (: These filled up a 28" luggage completely..

I also compacted mine.. and it was reduced by half, leaving me more space to pack my other shopping items! 

This was the hubby's stash from the trip XD 

We were due to leave the next morning... but our flight was scheduled for delay. We were meant to leave at 6pm and reach Singapore at 1am.. that would mean that we would check out at 10am.. leave the luggage with the hotel, go roam for a bit, pick up our luggage at 12 noon and head for the airport, leaving us a good 2-3 hours to shop and eat at the airport.

With the delay, we'd leave Tokyo only at 9+pm.. I didn't want to spend so much time roaming/at the airport and arrive in Singapore only at 4-5am! So... we chose to take the next flight out the following day, and extended our trip by a day! Of course, the hubby wasn't too keen on it cos he had to work on Monday.. (he was to have Sat and Sun to rest)

Guess who was super happy? HAHAHAHA!
So, do read on for Day 9 of our trip where we did lots more shopping! 

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