Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 9 - Tokyo Skytree, Akihabara and Can-do Shinjuku

So... this was our bonus day. A day we weren't supposed to have if not for our flight delay! heh! We checked out of our room and left our luggage with the hotel cos we had to change a room.. the room we stayed for the past nights was taken.. 

We slept to our heart's content and headed to Tokyo Skytree. We started the day with a tray of Takoyaki! 

Eastern Takoyaki meets Western Takoyaki!
We had Western and Eastern Takoyaki! The tako we usually eat is the Western version. The Eastern ones have lots of veggies in it.. the hubby liked it! I prefer the ones we're used to eating though!

They even have soup tako! 

I then had lots of fun (as always) in their gift store.. Japan has such an awesome range of stationery! I love them all!!! 

I had to resist buying them cos' I bought some from the earlier days of shopping.... and I have too many pens! I got a really slim and light brolly too! 

The Skytree was impressive! We didn't go up though.. 

It was windy!!! 

There were lots and lots of snacks on sale here.. 

The hubby asked me if this place was familiar.. I think Sarang lives around here! (If you watch The Return of Superman you'd know what I mean!)

We had a tough time deciding on what to have for brunch.. there were just too many choices. I was pretty blown away by the unagi grilled over charcoal! 

We settled for Omu Rice.. 

Ebi and Tonkatsu Omu rice.. the egg is divine!!!!

The egg was DIVINE. I loved it so much! 

We then walked around and did some shopping.. 

Tokyo Skytree exclusive Tokyo Banana! 

I also visited my favourite replica shop! XD 

I wanted badly to attend the class they had (we couldn't do so the day we visited Kappabashi due to time constraint) but it was packed... XD 

Of course, we visited the supermarket! I can't stand how affordable everything is! 

We took a train to Akihabara in the later part of the afternoon in search of yet another 100 yen shop. 

We were exhausted so we visited the Gundam Cafe.

If you're thinking of visiting a Gundam cafe, avoid this particular one. Crappy drinks, crappy menu.

Boy were we disappointed. Well, the human-sized Gundam was cool.. but the drinks and what they offered was miserable. YUCKS.

There were barely any good Gundam themed food... 

It got pretty stormy that the hubby and I were almost blown away! heh! 
Akihabara has lots of shops offering Anime products.. it's an entire street dedicated to it! 

We tried locating one of the 100yen shops recommended in an online guide but failed to find any. Disappointed, we headed back to Shinjuku.

Well, I'm glad we did cos we found Can-do! 

One more 100yen shop, Can-Do! Pretty thrilled to have found replica food key chains and magnets!

I bought TONS of stuff from Can-do! One of my favourite buys were the replica food keychains. They're pretty costly every where we spotted them.. 600+yen onwards.. they were only 108yen in Can-do! We bought tons of them.. the hubby also bought them for his colleagues. 

In the same building as Can-do, we visited a lovely pasta restaurant. I love how the Japanese have the choice of 2 mains in smaller potions.. We eat had 2 pastas! 

We returned to buy my favourite waffles. 

If you're in Tokyo, this is a must try! Super delicious waffles!!
I got a box of 12 pcs to be brought back for my family! 

When we returned to our new room, our luggage were delivered to our room! The room had 2 single beds but it was much larger for a couple of dollars! 

We got into serious packing cos we were due to return home the next day. 

Read on for Day 10 where we visited the Panasonic showroom and headed back to Singapore.. 

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