Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 4 - Yokohama Sea Paradise and Landmark Tower

On Day 4, the hubby took me to Yokohama. The ride out was far.. but enjoyable! (:


We had breakfast at Mac! 

We stopped over at ヴィドフランス新杉田店 and passed by a supermarket when we used the washroom at the station. I love their fresh produce.. and cheap liquor! Why are we so heavily taxed in SG? 

Out in the suburbs, the atmosphere just gets better. 

Our tickets to Sea Paradise! 4 attractions in 1!

Munching on chicken bites while waiting for the show to start!

There were many lovely creatures in the aquarium.. it was a small one though! 

We had chicken bites as we waited to watch the performance. 

Recently, I started growing a dislike for such attractions. Keeping animals in captivity just isn't right. Yes, it provides learning opportunities for people.. but at the expense of these lovely creatures. 

The pool you see here holds a whale shark. A creature so huge held in such a contained space. And as the performance progressed, the whale shark is KEPT in the same area, constantly fed treats to distract it. Constantly distracted with trainers splashing water at the side to keep it from ruining the show.  I felt for the creature. It deserves more ): 

And as the other marine creatures performed for us.. the torture they were probably put through to be trained in all these acts was definitely something they weren't born to do. As we watch such performances, has it occurred to us that they maybe suffering? ):

There was a petting 'zoo' here at Sea Paradise. However, it was probably too cold for the animals to want to interact. Or maybe they're just SICK of it XD 

Adorable penguins!

Replica food that never fail to amaze me. 

The hubby and I settled down at a outdoor BBQ restaurant for lunch. BBQ-ing in the cold was a great experience! 

As you can tell, only one of us was excited XD Truth be told, the trip was tiring.. we walked a lot. 

Our spread.

With my better half (: 

The hubby took me to the other side of Yokohama where we visited the Landmark Tower. 

Beautiful night view of Yokohama. Got up to the 69th floor in 40 seconds!!!! It went up to the speed of 750m/m!
The lift blew me away.. the speed was insane! Of course, our ears popped XD

The view was amazing. One can even see Mt. Fuji on a clear day.. 

We had my favourite Haagen-Daz ice cream sandwich! The flavours in Singapore are just boring... Even HK has exciting flavours that I absolutely love!

We visited yet another Daiso..!
There wasn't much to shop at the mall.. but we did spot a Studio Ghibli shop!

That.. and a Pokemon Centre! (: We then took the train back to Shimbashi and packed Mcd's for dinner as the both of us were pooped. 

There was a lovely train on display outside Shimbashi station! 

We bought my favourite Kirin iced lemon tea. It even came in Tsum-Tsum design! 

We did more shopping at Yokohama's Daiso.. and we were mad enough to bring back 7 refill pack of Cartoon's poop bag. XD 

I then took a bath with LUSH's bath bomb. Great smelling glittery bath water was just perfect for soaking my weariness away. I slept extremely well that night too!

With that, I shall wrap up this entry.. Keep on reading for Day 5 where we visited Disney Sea.. and lost our wallet! 

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