Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 5 - Disney Sea.. the day we lost our wallet

I love Disney. It's something bout it being really magical that makes me wanna visit over and over again. The last time we were in Tokyo, we were at Disneyland and Disney Sea too. It's always been a dream of mine to enjoy Disney during the Christmas season.. And this time round, my dream came true (: 

We were really tired so we kinda woke up late on our day to Disney Sea. We took the train to Tokyo station where we changed to another train to get to Maihama station. The train stops between Disneyland and Disney Sea. There's a monorail that goes to both parks but it goes an entire loop towards the hotel etc before it gets to the parks so we walked to Disney Sea. That was a 800m walk in! We walked a lot in Tokyo. So be sure to put on comfortable shoes! We got in just when the park opened (the crowd has already surged in).. 
We made our way to the Fast Pass Queue for the Toy Story ride.. 

According to the crowd calculator, the park was only 60 - 70 % packed.. but boy was it crowded! 

The Fast Passes were running out really quickly! By the time we took our passes, it was for 6.10pm! 

We took a quick nibble before we headed to the park so we decided to have another bite.

What's Disney without turkey legs? (: 

We had a little argument (can't even recall why) and we kinda wasted some time not knowing where we wanted to go next. Okay, my bad. The hubby had wanted to watch the earlier show but I didn't want to.. not knowing that it was part of his plan.. I thwarted it. 

By the time we were done with our argument, it was already 10am.. we decided to watch the Aladdin show. Only upon sharing this picture did I realised that we were photo bombed! XD

We spent some time walking around and playing with head gear! 

I really like Monster's Inc.! 

On our way to lunch, we spotted Mr Incredible! They should do Incredibles 2!! 

We then got into the queue to have our lunch. There was regular dining and character dining! If I had kids.. I'd probably do character dining. LOL. Or if I had extra time! 

Then this is the part where it got insane. 
We had split our finances into 2 wallets.. with the hubby's being lesser cos I had siphoned more money into my wallet prior to the trip. We had been spending money out of the hubby's wallet.. We usually have 2 bags with us but we decided to just bring 1 and share the burden on that day. 

Of all wallets we had.. we lost mine. The one with a couple of thousands left. 

My heart sank. We got out of the queue and tried to locate our wallet. We only found the hubby's wallet with didn't have much money left. 

I almost died on the spot. 

I didn't even really had time to panic. Nor react. I was just dumbfounded. Our bag's zip was open (we didn't even open it from the point of time we last bought the turkey leg to eat).. We decided to call NTUC Income as we had gotten insurance from them to see if we could get any help.. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. All they could offer was that we file a claim when we're back in Singapore.. and it's only $250 compensation per pax.. We needed money and even with my credit card which I had activated for the trip, not many places accepts credit cards.. 

We headed to the Guest Relations Office to see if they could help us. The happiest place on Earth became the saddest place on earth.

We explained our situation to the staff and showed him a sample of the wallet (I bought 2 in the same design but different colour for Japanese currency).. He excused himself and went to make a call.


Fireworks exploded in me. I was dumb-founded. The hubby and I just stared at each other in awe. The guy even asked if I was Lim Hui Ling. Turns out a cast member of the Aladdin show that we caught earlier on found the wallet and hung on to it for us. There's indeed magic. 

We've truly truly been blessed. Even to this very day, we're just shocked at how God has worked wonders in our life. We made our way back to the theatre to claim our wallet. Turns out that I had kept the tax refund receipt in my wallet and it bore my name. We're extremely grateful for the cast member who found our wallet. 

Exhausted, we made our way back to the restaurant for lunch. The desserts were so pretty! 

The hubby had chicken...

With a really pretty grape dessert!

I had steak...

With a pretty dessert too!

We were just reeling in from all that shock...

After the incident, we were exhausted. We did some shopping.. Enjoyed the breeze..

Took silly photos!

We got me a Stitch popcorn bucket! Boy was the caramel popcorn good!

Conquered the raging spirits myself! Love the single rider function in some of the rides here.. it only took me 10 mins to queue and play the ride! The hubby waited for me nearby (: heh.
I love the single rider function of some rides.. I took another great ride! And as the sky got darker at 4ish, I had the best sunset view from the roller coaster! I absolutely love the 360 degree loop!

The hubby isn't a fan of coasters so he sat nearby and waited for me! 

We then found a nice spot near the harbour and waited for Fantasmic to start. I was just so addicted to the chilly air. 

We had a great time challenging each other at the Toy Story ride! 

It was just such a beautiful place.. and magical too. 

I spotted some really lovely picks when we were shopping!

And kitchen utensils! 

Exhausted, we left pretty early. 

Beef bowl, so darn good.
We explored the area around Shimbashi and found this shop. Dinner was great.. and tasty! Shimbashi is like the CBD area so there were lots of office workers.. There were lots of drinking joints too.

We then headed back for an early rest as we were due to visit Disneyland the next morning! (: 

Read on to find out more bout our trip to Disneyland on Day 6... And how to make the best of your trip to Disneyland! 

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