Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bankgkok 2016 Day 1 - Chinatown,Pratunam Night Market and Night Market @ Palladium

During the March Holidays, mum and I took a break and headed to Bangkok for some retail therapy. I've not been there in like 10 years while she had just been to Bangkok about a month prior to our trip. 

The trip was kinda impromptu and I booked the tickets 2 weeks prior to the trip. As such, the tickets were pretty costly.. hence, I settled for Malaysian Airlines as I dislike budget airlines.. We transited at KLIA and the airline was really mediocre. 

I wish I had spent more money to fly via SQ (: 

The hubby sent us to the airport in the morning..

We transited at KLIA.. And after visiting KLIA and Thailand's airport.. it's no wonder why Changi Airport is world class (: 

We touched down safely and headed to pick up the pocket WiFi gadget I had rented from Pocket WiFi Thai.  I paid $6.95 USD per day for the duration of 5 days. 

Pocket WiFi Thai 4G
Coverage : Nationwide 
Speed : maximum speed of 100 mbps
Connect up to 5 devices at once

Mum and I had good WiFi coverage throughout the trip. 

We then took the Airport Transfer I arranged from Bangkok Airport Transfer to the hotel. We paid 900 baht per car per trip. It works out to about $40 but it was absolutely comfortable and followed our schedule. 

We checked into S Sukumvit Suites, a 4 star hotel situated next to Asoke BTS. Terminal 21 was just across the street. 

Our room for the next few nights! Nicely situated next to the BTS!

The room was nice and clean.. and had sufficient space for us to store our shopping stash XD 

The toilet was basic but good enough. 

The toilet has a cheeky clear window XD But of course, it came with blinds. 

After a quick rest, we then popped over to Terminal 21.

The supermarket was amazing. I was so happy to see all these Japanese Kit Kats! They were pretty costly though.. 

Because I love supermarkets! And I'm excited to find Japanese kit kats here!
There was a TaoKaeNoi speciality shop that has tons of special seaweed flavours that we don't have locally! 

A shop that sells tons of TaoKaeNoi snacks! If you're a huge fan like I am.. You're bound to love this place.. So many flavours!
There was a Daiso too! 

Even the Daiso excites me!!
We then took a taxi to Chinatown. The traffic congestion in Bangkok was horrid. Mum and I first visited the Kway Chap store that our family loves! With a peppery broth and crunchy roasted pork, it was absolutely divine! 

Kway Chap

I've been missing this for years! The best Kway Chap in Chinatown!

That is some majestic Phad Thai frying skills!

So travelling is all about eating  Here's our seafood dinner from the famous green shirt seafood place in...
After a stroll around Chinatown, we had some seafood. It was tasty but after a couple of hours, we regretted our choice of dinner. The meal was laden with SO MUCH msg that mum and I chugged down tons of water in the later part of the night. 

Vermicelli Crab

Grilled prawns

Kang Kong

The food were mostly prepared in the open.. 

We popped by one of the many 7-elevens and had so much fun! 

There were so many types of convenience food! 

Even eggs that were of different doneness! 

 After dinner, we took a taxi to Palladium World shopping mall for the night market. 

There were lots of clothes on sale.. and bags too. The best part would have to be the main area with all the customisable stuff! Keychains, pouches etc.. you name it, they have it. The prices were pretty attractive too! 

After we were done, we crossed the streets diagonally to get to the night market outside Platinum Mall. They were about to close but I managed to DIY a pair of sandals while mum had a pouch made. 

We then headed back to the hotel to rest for the night. I love the sandals and keychain I customised! (: 

So that wraps up our Day 1.. keep a look out for Day 2 where we visited Platinum Fashion Mall and bought lots of clothes! (: 

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