Sunday, January 1, 2017

I'm expecting!!! 19 weeks and counting!

In October, we made an announcement. After 2 years of marriage life (nearing 3), we're glad to share that we're expecting our first bundle of joy! 

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It was kinda like a planned yet unplanned thing.. We didn't exactly plan for it yet we were hoping that God would send a baby our way (: It was during a routine annual check up that we found out that we were expecting! As it was really really early in the pregnancy and that nothing showed up in the ultrasound I did earlier in the day of the checkup, it was worrying.

I had to return to KKH for 2 days, each 48 hours after the previous one to do a blood test. Thankfully, on the 3rd day, Baby A's gestational sac showed on the ultrasound and he was growing in the right place! My blood test also returned with favourable results.. 

We were beyond thrilled yet worried.. We were kinda between going to KKH via the subsidised route or via a private gynae. It then boiled down to the fact that if we would want a GP to be one who knows our medical condition almost inside-out, wouldn't we want it for my pregnancy? 

So with friends' recommendations, we chose Dr Loke Kah Leong. It also helped that his clinic is in Tampines.. We had my first check-up with him in Week 7. It was definitely exciting seeing Baby A on the ultrasound machine! 

We returned for visits every 2 weeks till our pregnancy stabilised. 

I'm thankful for other than ocassional headaches, I've been very functional. 
No morning sicknesses, no aversion to food.. 

I basically eat everything and love almost everything.. with exception of fried kway tweow that I had once.. and puked. 

Durians made me very happy XD 

The thing I probably dislike the most would be the gigantic prenatal vitamins. 

The initial stages were tough emotionally. I had to try be happy while coping with the pending loss of Cartoon. I cried buckets, I just couldn't help it. Some days, I'd even forget that I'm pregnant.. it was tough. 

I had to try. I just had to. 

After Dr Loke gave us the green light to go ahead with our trip to Japan, we did. I had wished that Baby A would have given us an inkling of his gender or confirm his gender during our 14th week visit. There was no confirmation.. but Dr Loke did say it was likely a boy.

I wanted a girl (not that a boy isn't great!).. but I always feel that girls can take care of their younger siblings better. But of course, God has his plans. I'm sure! 

During our trip, I couldn't commit on gender specific purchases! LOL. Baby A was helping me save money! I really wanted this.. but friends told me that it was available locally at similar prices, I decided not to buy it.. 

It was amusing how many of my purchases were for Baby A more than myself! 

After lots of coaxing and persuasion, hubby finally let me buy this baby mobile. LOL! It was huge and way beyond cabin size.. We opened the box and fit the pieces into our luggage.

I bought a whole lot of toys for Baby A during our trip..

This was one of them! 

Due in May, I am blessed to have the support of a bunch of mummies also due in May! Here's one of our meetups over lunch after I returned from Japan.. 

After my return from Japan, Baby A's carter's parcel was awaiting. I had picked gender neutral pieces.. It was a pretty good buy.. only $150 for all these! 

You can tell that I really like durians right? XD 

I got Tula-poisoned and I really loved this print so I got it.. 

After our trip, I committed my time to packing the house. We had to make way for Baby A after all. For the first time in forever, our storeroom had a floor that was visible! XD

My belly was growing..

Even our living hall was clean and pretty! 

And during our checkup in Week 18, Baby A revealed himself to be a boy. It got us really excited! 

It's been in my plans to paint up the nursery.. but paints were toxic. And stank of fumes.. After consulting Dr Loke, we were given the green light to use acrylic paints and on the basis that we keep the room aired and ventilated.

I rushed to Art Friend the very same day of my checkup to get my paints! 

It progressed... 

The many bottles of paint!

And on last Friday, my sister came over and helped me finish up the mural. I LOVE IT TO BITS! I hope that Baby A would love it too! (:

I wonder who Baby A would resemble more.. 

And at the end of my 18th week, I became very round. I got more and more pregnant in the speedy span of a week! Baby A is about 13+cm now.. I guess it's pretty legit! 

We're really excited and eager for the arrival of Baby A.. and we've got lots of homework to do! There's lots to buy, get and prepare before Baby A's arrival..

Will try my best to update more often.. it's a great way for me to remember details.. since I'm getting pretty forgetful with my pregnancy brain! 

If you're keen in partnerships, endorsements or sponsoring us.. drop me a message or email! XD 

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