Sunday, January 1, 2017

Tokyo 2016 (Day 4) Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, Kappabashi and Akihabara

Day 4 - Tokyo Skytree, Asakusa, Kappabashi and Akihabara

I liked how the cold air gave me pretty hair in Tokyo XD 

On Day 4, we were pretty coordinated. 

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We met Joey and visited Tokyo Skytree. This was our simple lunch of udon, concept very similar to the one in Tampines One.. Pick your udon, pick your tempura and get billed.

We did a fair bit of shopping at the skytree and spotted tons of adorable stuff!  

I had a soft spot for these..

The Disney store was amazing too! 


We visited the Pokemon Centre!

I really liked this bowl but I didn't wanna carry it with us throughout the day! 

So adorable isn't it?

Us at the Skytree! 

Being silly! 

We then took a train to Asakusa.. and had the opportunity to take the express train for a stop!

Upon alighting, we saw the teams who were gonna clean the train in 10 minutes before the train moves off! Such efficiency! 

At the signature gate.. 

The shopping street! 

Cold weather is always perfect for ice-creams! 

Walking towards Kappabashi.. 

Our first stop was my favourite shop! 

Which reminds me that I'm not done with my DIY kits! XD

It was also the first time I paid notice to the display since replica food has been my interest.. 

We visited a couple of baking/kitchen supplies shop.. 


My favourite baking shop - 株式会社 浅井商店

I love the extensive collection of straight chiffon tins! 

There were also coloured ones! 


This shop had tons of baking supplies.. and it's pretty new on the block!


At the end/start of the street was the largest kitchen supplies shop..

I got a really gigantic whisk XD

I had my eyes set on these really adorable plates! The kind used for kids' meals in restaurants.. but the hubby refused to let me buy it XD

We headed to Akihabara Yodobashi Camera again! 

These exercise balls were so cute...

Shake your bum bum toys!

I started getting toys for Baby A! 

A really good variety of toys! 

We had a good dinner after that too! 

It was a fruitful day! 

I spotted my favourite Croissant Taiyaki and got it for snack! 

We did our laundry in the hotel so we didn't have to bring so many pieces of clothing.. It did take a while to dry the thicker pieces of clothing thoroughly.. 

It was a good experience! We did laundry twice throughout our trip and it helped ease the amount of clothing we had to bring..

That concludes Day 4.. we really did A LOT of walking (:
Will be back with more soon! (: 

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