Saturday, September 16, 2017

4 months has been a long time.. #Chubbycheekschu

I've been wanting to blog about my pregnancy but never got around doing so. It was easy in the early stages but it took a toll on my body nearing the last trimester. 

I was aching in the ribs. I was aching in my lower back. I had seriously bad heartburns. I even had early contractions. Even though it was tough, I miss being pregnant 😂 it's a pretty lovely feeling. I miss #Chubbycheekschu's kicks when he was in my belly. His hiccups too! 

It's too much work typing so I'm just gonna let some pictures do their work.

I was really round 😂 

At week 36+4, I woke up pretty weary. I recall telling hubby that I kept feeling like my waterbag was gonna burst the entire night. We were just getting out of bed when I felt a gush of water between my legs. 

My waterbag broke 😂 I recall laughing so much. Well you see, during our checks at Week 36 + 2, Dr Loke told me that he'd likely wanna perform a C-sect on me cos #Chubbycheekschu would be really big by Week 38 since he was already 3.2kg then. 

I kept telling #Chubbycheekschu to come naturally at Week 38, 15th May. I had the inkling that he'd be out on my sister's birthday on the 5th. Well, blocked by my belly, he must as heard it as the 4th 😂 

I took a really lovely shower before heading to Mt A.

I regret not taking my breakfast. I wasn't allowed to eat. I had my happydural soon after settling into the labour ward.

I only gave birth at 8+pm. 

Adriel was so huge at 3.9kg!!!! 
It was a really difficult labour. We did both get injured in the process and are seeking medical treatment.. I'll share once I'm comfortable doing so. It's just too complex.

So anyway I wasn't given any food. They ran out of single wards so I had to share a 2 bedder. Hubby had to go home. I was not prepared for that 😭 I cried the entire night as I was just so hungry having not eaten since the night before and all I was given were crackers. Breakfast the next morning was heavenly.

Hubby came and he carried our baby 😍

I had to maintain my sanity so I showered 😂

Cartoon met Adriel. If only.. 

Proud grandparents 😍

Us 😍

Proud grandparents

I stayed for 2 nights but Adriel developed jaundice and could not go home. I stayed 1 night with him. I recall recovery being a bitch. I had a natural birth with forceps. I was given an episotomy but I tore further. The recovery almost killed me 😂

After a couple of days, we got to take Adriel home. 

Daddy's first bottle feed! As Adriel was really huge at birth, he had to be whisked off to be fed formula milk and be monitored for his blood sugar levels. We never got to do skin to skin. I never got to latch him.

Being a FTM who popped 4 weeks early, I felt unprepared for my breastfeeding journey. I wish I knew more. I wish I had insisted on nursing my baby. I expressed my milk religiously but my supply never met Adriel's needs. Being a preemie, his latch was weak. I really should have persisted. I wish I did.

Anyway, I am nursing him now. My supply is still low. I latch him whenever possible and supplement with formula. Many times I've been tempted to stop breastfeeding. But I'm just gonna press on for as long as I possibly can.

I recall how he made us so weary needing to be fed every 2 to 2.5h.

We had a CL but she fell sick before Adriel got home so I sent her home. We didn't have a replacement till a couple of days later. Hubby and I, together with our then helper and mil braved through the first few days of our own. 

The replacement was shitty. Couldn't cook confinement food well. She basically cooked regular dishes for me 😑 She also tasked her job to my helper. My pots were destroyed by her. She offered to go home about the same time I wanted to kick her away. 

She left. We were on our own again.

Our first CL then returned. She cooked better food. However, she was really kampong and there were somethings that we didn't agree to. After all, most CLs have the control of how things are done cos couples are inexperienced. Having been on our own, we knew what worked and what didnt. Sometimes it just didn't agree with her. Coincidentally, she had family matters to see to so she left early. 

I was pretty happy not to have one person to fret over but I then discovered how my kitchen was destroyed by her, the previous CL and my helper. I was devestated. 

It's been 4m and I'm still working on repairs 😂 doesn't help that I kicked my helper home almost a month ago 😂

Anyway.. back to pictures!

Lil bub had to get his tan! 

He loved to wriggle out of his swaddle.

So cheeky 😍

Eyebrows cos his were barely there 😂

I liked how I was his pillow at times.  He's like so GROWN UP at 4mo and doesn't wanna sleep on me anymore 😂

Daddy's first day of returning to work! I'm so thankful for the paternal leave that we have in place.  Having my hubby be around after birth is one of the best things I can ever ask for.

We didn't do a first month bash but we did share some cakes and treats with some relatives.

At 5 weeks old, Adriel caught a flu and cough. His PD gave him meds which I regret feeding. I wish I had gone with my gut feeling and not medicate him. He didn't get better so we took him to KKH where he was warded for observation.

We love our Tula blankets!

He is very expressive. 

At 5wo, I managed to Tula him in our FTG! 

He attended church service in the nursery at 4wo! 

Hubby tula-ed Adriel too!

He sleeps in funny poses.

He has even learned to smile.

Daddy has his priorities right 😂

At 4 months old he can giggle, squeal, babble, flip on his tummy and fart a lot 😂 he loves going out with his mummy and loves to sleep. He generally sleeps through the night 😍

At 4m 1 week old, we had him admitted for his procedure. Seeing him go under GA broke my heart. It's just the beginning of a lot more to come... 

He was so groggy and hungry. How do you expect a baby to fast? 

Thankfully, all was well and we could go home.

He was back to his silly self! 
This journey is gonna be tough. We're just praying for wisdom to understand why what's happening is happening to us. It's a lot to take. At times I feel overwhelmed. Crushed. Defeated. I will share when I'm ready. For now, keep us in prayers. 😍

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