Monday, September 11, 2017

A Better Florist, beautiful blooms for your loved ones

I love flowers. A Better Florist sent me a bunch of their lovely tulips lately! 

Coupled with salmon sashimi and my tula parcel (spot that Migaloo Delight Wrap?), my day was perfect (:

Such pretty colours! It even came with instructions on how to make the bouquet last!  

Of course, #Chubbycheekschu just had to be a part of it! He's grown so much already. He's like 4 months old this week! This baby has grown so much! 

He loves to be on his tummy..

Smiles a lot more..

And sleeps with style XD 

He's such a sweetheart.

Anyway, A Better Florist is an express flower delivery service. They pride themselves in delivering fresh flowers with same day delivery. Sending flowers do not have to be for a special occasion though many send them during anniversaries and birthdays. I personally like sending them to lift the spirits of my loved ones. Everyone needs a little joy at times. I'm very blessed to be blessed with beautiful blooms by friends when I'm down. 

Do check out their website! Their prices are pretty affordable for the selection they have.

1st timers on the website get $5 off!

Some of their blooms <3

There are even bundles for your peckish friends or loved ones! 

So if you want some affordable, classy and speedy fresh blooms, check out today! 

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