Sunday, February 24, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 4: Charis Methodist Church

About 2 weeks ago, our payment for Charis Methodist Church was made after Charis confirmed our application. Even though we're from City Harvest Church, we're unable to have our church wedding in the main auditorium at our preferred time as Children's Church will be on then. We would have to settle for Chinese Church or Children's Church, something which I didn't want. Forgive me but who wouldn't want a dreamy location to have their wedding ceremony? Even CHC's main auditorium was a lil' off my dreamy expectation of a venue for and the fav boy even promised me balloons to do up CHC's main auditorium if we were to have it in CHC. 

However, since the timings and venue didn't match, we sourced for more options. 

We're truly blessed to have found Charis Methodist Church which coincidentally is where Cam & Pris tied the knot earlier this year. The images I found online had me mesmerised as the Sanctuary was just so wedding-ish. So as they're open to rental for Baptised Christians, I was thrilled.

We sent in our email with questions etc. and about a year before our wedding, we had our application submitted. By God's grace, we have gotten it and placed our deposit. 

As non-methodist baptised christians, we're paying $1240 as we have about 300-400 guests. We placed a 50% deposit to secure the venue for our big day. 

In addition, we are allowed to have our pastor wed us. So, by faith, it'll be Pastor Zhuang who'd be marrying us! So, if you're looking for a church wedding venue like we did, you may consider Charis Methodist Church. More details of the applications here and the rules & regulations here.


  1. Hi there! I found your blog through Instgram :)
    And coincidentally book Charis as our church venue for our wedding, the sanctuary is just beautiful isn't it.
    We have about the same number of guests, did you book the social hall as well?
    Also, looking around parking seems to be a major problem..
    Do you think chartered buses are required?


    1. Hello Pearlyn!

      Yeah it's beautiful! (:
      Yeah, we booked the social hall as well so as to fit everyone comfortably. There are couple of buses from the MRT that brings guests to the bus stop outside for a short walk into the church so we're not chartering buses (: but yes parking is an issue! I've a friend who did his wedding there last year and he gave us the extra 'notes' to directions for the church.. maybe I can share them with you! There's parking marked out on it (:


    2. Hihi!

      Thanks! Like what you said, we will book the social hall as well.
      Cool here's my email:
      Thanks so much!

      I've also compiled some parking areas over last few nights.
      You can find them on my wedding website:

      Thanks once again!

  2. If it's of any help, I did some site measurements at Charis:

  3. Hi Cynthia! :)
    Chanced upon your entry while I'm googling more about wedding at CMC.
    Would like to check with you how many hours did you book the facilities for? :)


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