Thursday, November 21, 2013

I love Rainbows!

I love Rainbows! This is probably due to my love for all things colourful. I returned home today after a week (well almost) at the htb's place as I really dread the travelling to work and it didn't help that I was suppose to have a long work week this week. 

Not having to travel to work in Tampines from Serangoon Gardens everyday sure is bliss. 

As I had to work on a cake this evening despite having been sick earlier this morning due to food poisoning, I was glad that I got better after the doctor's prescribed medication and my MIL's century egg porridge cooked with love! I really love her century egg porridge but it's like "sick food". Nevertheless, I still like it anyway! I should ask of her to teach me how to cook it! 

Anyway, I baked this two tiered Hello Kitty Cake today (: 

I really love the pretty ruffles I was playing with! 

Not forgetting the 7 colours I used in this rainbow cake! I'm also really excited to announce that I'll be sharing a video tutorial for a rainbow cake soon! (: keep a lookout for it! 

Cakes aside, I'm really glad and excited that our new place is progressing real well! The front has been partially painted. If all go well, we'll get our keys by 3Q next year! Excited much!

Today, after the visit to the doctor, I spotted these adorable Hello Kitty water bottles in Giant! I just couldn't resist and got one for myself and one for my mil (: 

To backtrack, we prepared most of our wedding invites earlier this week! Billy and I truly thankful for friends and loved ones who replied us promptly for us to mail the invites to them... And I really really really love the invites Ana designed for us! Like really really really love it! XD 

As I was mentioning, I've been staying with the HTB and his family. Being away from home not only makes me miss my family but also my kitchen! I decided to borrow my mil's kitchen and made some Tiramisu! I really love how tall the tiramisu  got! (: 

Maybe I ought to do a video tutorial for a tiramisu too... Speaking of which, I should get a decent tripod stand shouldn't I? That way, I can do so many more video tutorials! 

There's so much I wish to do and wanna do and I'm actually getting quite hooked to producing video tutorials.... How do you like them? Or do you prefer the step by step image tutorials? Drop me a comment and let me know what you think!

Till then, tata! (: c


  1. hhhmmm tiramisu, yum! yours is indeed really tall :)
    rainbow cake - a cake I never try to make, thinking about the dishes to clear after that always makes me losing my interest :P
    but then, I should try, at least once - I know my kids will love it for sure :)
    wah, so excited for you in the wedding prep!

    1. yes do try it Alice!! im sure the kids would love it!

      hahaha! i think im obsessed with tall stuff!

      HEH HEH! I'm excited too! XD


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