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Betrothal 过大礼 by The Chinese Wedding Shop

According to the Chinese traditions, there are many things a couple has to do before getting married. One of the many things we have to do is the 过大礼. It's a day where the groom has to bring plenty of stuff to the bride's house for her family. Her family will in turn return some stuff to him and his family. 

The whole process can be quite a hassle especially for the younger generation who are clueless about the Chinese traditions. It doesn't help that different dialect groups have different ways of doing the 过大礼. Thankfully, we had The Chinese Wedding Shop who took care of it all for us! 

The hubby's Cantonese and I'm Hokkien so we had a mixture of customs to follow. First of all, the hubby brought loads and loads of stuff to my mum's place during the auspicious date the Fengshui master picked. Don't get me wrong. As Christians, we don't believe in such stuff... but we did it to make our parents happy since there was no harm in it. We did not perform the religious bits of the 过大礼though.. 

So let me have the pictures do all the talking!

Lovely stuff brought to my mum's. The packets of traditional 'cookies' were freshly baked by The Chinese Wedding Shop! My mummy loved the fresh 'gong tng', also known as peanut candy. 

Merry us!

Here's the whole array of items we had! 

We were blessed to have Aunty Justine and Aunty Rebecca accompany us too. 

How could I forget my cheeky girl who wanted to be part of the celebrations? (:

This entry is really long.. please click on to read more! (: 

Check out the baby bucket! XD

Clogs and Charcoal and also the ping jin. 

Tea set! 

We super loved the adorable face towels! 

These were the awesome candies I was talking about.

My mummy's favourite. 

Tea pack for the tea ceremony! Packed with loads of goodness with loads of significance!

Not forgetting oranges stuck with the 双喜.

The dragon phoenix candles which we did not light due to religious beliefs.

Rock sugar and canned pork legs!

Beautiful bowl set for eating tang yuans on the wedding day.

The lovely laced fan that was to be tossed during the wedding day.

BABY items! XD

Of course, the hubby and I.

Sewing kit!

Baby set again! And the beautiful red laced umbrella which I used during my wedding day. 

So cute hor!

So many items! I would be SOOOO LOST if not for The Chinese Wedding Shop.

We even had things like charcoal. I doubt you and I would know the meaning unless we are like super traditional... 

Of course.. my hubby had to present stuff to my dad.

My cheeky mummy!

And I!

I'm a blessed girl!

And in return, my dad had to give the hubby loads of stuff back.

Lovely print for the bag containing the baby stuff!

These were the things we brought back.

See that lovely black bucket? That's used for the Hokkiens. 

Blessed again and again.

There was also a lovely pair of lamps we had and used 2 nights before the wedding when we did the "安床". 

So adorable!

2 nights prior to the wedding, we also did the 安床 where auspicious words had to be uttered and various rituals followed. Thankfully, we had the guide given by The Chinese Wedding Shop which we followed. 

Truly, I'm thankful for shops like these where I can get one-stop services for the traditional portion of my wedding. Here's how you can reach them.

And now, they have 4 convenient locations you can choose from to visit!
AMK Jubilee Square
Bedok Mall
Clementi Central 
Tampines One

So do check out The Chinese Wedding Shop for your traditional wedding needs! (: 

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