Friday, January 23, 2015

Mason Jar Salads (A variety of combinations)

I've been recently in love with these Mason Jar Salads as they're easy to prepare and even a greater joy to eat. I've prepared several variety of it and I'm glad to share them with you (: I got the wide mouth mason jars from Amazon and the narrower ones with coloured lids from Taobao. I prefer the handles (and prettier lids!) of the taobao jars but I love the ease of stuffing food into the wide mouth Amazon ones. 

I usually prepare the ingredients the night before. I have heard of these salads being able to last all week in the refrigerator so you'd only need to prepare them once and last the week. However, I prefer making them fresher. 

I've been using 2 variety of Japanese Salad dressing, one original flavoured and one with roasted nuts. I'm gonna explore more flavours as I explore more salad options. I usually have 1 - 2 tbsp of dressing at the bottom of the jar and then I layer the rest of the ingredients. To enjoy the salad, I'll just give the jar a good shake. The colleagues that I've gifted these salads to enjoyed it too! (: I use ready packed salads as I dread the washing and drying and overly-huge packs of individual veg I have to buy to get a good mix. A pack of pre-packed salad costs about 5 - 6 bucks and I can use it for a good 5 - 8 servings. 

The general idea is to keep the harder vegetables below in contact with the sauce/dressing while keeping the rest dry. This way, the vegetables won't turn soggy. I make it a point to dry all the vegetables or keep it as dry as I can when placing them into the jars. 

Layers in order: Japanese sesame dressing, shredded raw carrots, Mesclun mix, honey cherry tomatoes, boiled corn, boiled coloured pasta 

Layers in order: Japanese sesame dressing with roasted nuts, shredded raw carrots, fresh strawberries (do wash and dry them), Italian mix, honey cherry tomatoes, canned corn and boiled udon

Layers in order: Japanese sesame dressing, shredded raw carrots, Mesclun mix, fresh strawberries, honey cherry tomatoes, fresh corn and boiled udon

Here's how the salad is when mixed. Yummy! I love how all the components come together. 

Have fun! I'll update this post with more variety as I explore them! (: 


  1. Hi Cynthia! This sounds like a good idea to get more greens. Can I check what type of corn you use? Fresh, frozen or canned? Thanks!

    1. hello!

      I like fresh corn which I cut off the cob but when time doesn't allow for me to do so, I'd use canned ones that are soaked in liquid (:


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