Friday, December 25, 2015

My journey with replica food (Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya Kits)

I love replica food. It's always fascinated me and I can stand outside displays and gawk for eons. The last time round we were in Tokyo I got 2 DIY kits from Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya. I've been wanting to head back to buy them but I've not had the chance to do so. It's tough to trouble friends to get it for me when they visit Japan too. So this time round, I decided to get the entire set. So here's to recording my replica food kit journey! 

My journey to creating awesome replica food using Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya kits I got from Tokyo (: - Fried Rice -...

Fried Rice!

Steps for fried rice

Melon Parfait

Steps for Melon Parfait

Building my collection (:

Spaghetti Bolognese

Steps for Spaghetti Bolognese

Lemon Soda

Steps for Lemon Soda

Strawberry Parfait

Steps for Strawberry Parfait

Minced Meat Spicy Soup Ramen

Steps for Minced Meat Spicy Soup Ramen

Blueberry shaved ice

Steps for Blueberry shaved ice

Ramen in miso soup broth

Steps for Ramen in miso soup broth

Matcha Mochi Parfait

Steps for Matcha Mochi Parfait

Curry Rice

Steps for Curry Rice

Melon Soda

Steps for Melon Soda

.......... and more to come! (: 


  1. Wow, never knew there is such a thing as these kits for sale. Is this for hobbyists?

    1. yeah, there's only 1 particular company in Japan that sells it..
      Yup, for those who love to DIY and love replica sets!


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