Friday, December 25, 2015

Tokyo 2015 Day 6: Disneyland

On Day 6, we headed back to Maihama and walked towards Disneyland. The walk via the bridge is comparatively shorter to the one to Disney Sea. 

After the incident in Disney Sea, we left the park early. After a good night's rest, we headed to the park earlier. We had planned to be there 1/2 an hour early but we did get the timings confused (heh!) so we outside the park an hour before the park opened. The queue was fairly short!

It was cold but it was good! Of course, the excitement was building up! The 1st trick to any Disney parks is to be early. Being in the queue an hour before opening would be great. 

We made a quick dash for the Monster's Inc. ride in an attempt to get a Fast Past.. the queue was barely there so we went in straight for the ride! 

I just love Monster Inc.! 

After that, we took fast pass for the Haunted House and went on a couple other rides. Within the first hour, we had gone on 4 rides! Do take note of the timings on your fast pass and observe the timing you can take your next fast pass. The fast pass helps you beat the standby queue and advance into the front of the queue at the allocated time (usually with a time frame of an hour). 

I really loved the keychains.. I couldn't resist but bought the one on the left (: 

This is how a fast pass looks like. 

The whole Disney feel was so good. It's just the lovely smell in the air.. the music.. the happy mood. 

I loved the haunted house ride. Disney never fails to amaze me with the effects and all in their rides. 

As we exited the Haunted House ride, we chanced upon a parade! 

I really like Olaf! 

Of course, I couldn't resist shots with my favourite castle! 

We had chocolate churros! 

The huge Christmas tree! 

We settled for an early lunch at 11am.. Of course, we took Stitch back to fill him up with more popcorn! Speaking of which, I love the Caramel popcorn. I didn't fancy the honey ones we got on the second day. 

Lunch was pizza and Calzone.. absolutely tasty. I love how good Disney's food is as compared to many crappy theme park food. 


Tasty mochis in 3 flavours! 

I spotted more keychains that I liked! 

We then went on several other rides.. like the Go-Kart! Go-Karting in the cold was amazing! 

We had ice-cream in the cold! 

I just wish that I could wake up to this every day. 

We even took a tour of the castle! 

Cinderella's face amused me! 

Cinderella's slippers! 

It was also fun to sit on a bench and people watch. 

We then went on the Pooh ride. It was one of the BEST ride ever. Trackless ride in pooh's honey pot with mad amazing movements and effects. 

I'm not a fan of pooh but the ride blew me away. 

We had chicken leg! 

The sun sets early.. 

We watched the Stitch show too! I like how they had hand-held devices that translated shows for us. 

As the night approaches.. the entire place was so beautifully lit. 

We queued for an hour + for dinner. It was packed everywhere. 

Good pastas but we could have done with larger servings after the hour's wait. 

I'm not a fan of such tarts but this was good. 

We stayed for the electronic parade. 

The castle was mesmerising. 

I was reluctant to say goodbye. 

I just love Disney so much. I've been to all the Disney parks except for the one in Paris.. I wish I could visit it too but the hubby doesn't like Europe. I guess I could visit the Tokyo one repeatedly. If I lived in Japan, I'll likely be an annual pass holder and go there every weekend XD 

Pretty stuff I got from Disney (: 

In short, here are some tips for Disney:
1) Buy tickets online prior to visit
2) Check out the crowd calendar to plan your visit
3) food and drinks aren't allowed but there are water coolers in the park if you want some water
4) Wear comfy shoes
5) Be at the park an hour early if you can to join the queue
6) Make a quick dash for the popular rides (like Monster Inc.) to grab a fast pass or better still, join the short standby queue
7) Use the fast pass as much as you can
8) Have caramel popcorn!
9) Buy some silly headgear and join in the fun!
10) Ask the guides at the entrance area for English guides and maps
11) Have tons and tons of fun! 

Do read on for Day 7 where we visited Aakusa and Kappabashi, my favourite street in Tokyo! (: 

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