Sunday, September 4, 2016

Creamed Mushroom Pasta with Pan Seared Chicken

Today was a busy day. Hubby and I woke up early to clean the house before ma and our aunties came over to make mooncakes. I decided to whip up a simple lunch after our cleaning session and before they came over. This recipe is simple yet delicious. It requires few ingredients and is good on its own, even without the chicken I cooked today. 

I did a simple LIVE video of it earlier in June and it was well received! Here's the link to the video tutorial where the quantity is explicitly mentioned. 

I added some back bacon in today's version. I pan searched the sliced back bacon of about 100g till it was ALMOST cooked. I removed it before adding the butter.. (I didn't clean the pan so as to retain the good flavour of the bacon).. I added it just before adding the cream to the pan.

As for the pan searched chicken, I used 2 chicken legs (fresh ones preferred). I seasoned it with salt, freshly grounded black pepper, garlic powder, dried parsley and dried oregano before pan searing it with about 2 - 3 tbsp of oil. I cooked it for a total of about 12 minutes on medium-low heat, flipping it every 3 minutes or so. 

This is delicious, trust me. Enjoy it! (: 

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