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Tokyo 2016 (Day 1-3) Odaiba, Akihabara, Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea

In December, we took a vacation to Japan, our 3rd year in a row (: We really love Japan, especially Tokyo so I kept bugging the hubby to get tickets in early Sept.. On the night of my teacher's day dinner, we finally booked our tickets! Shortly after, we found out that we were expecting Baby A! Thankfully, the pregnancy has been rather smooth and with our gynae's green light, we went ahead with the trip! 

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We did the usual luggage-ception with a luggage each hidden in the larger 28" luggage. I also used these efficient Daiso vacuum bags to pack our clothes..

We took a late night flight via JAL to Haneda.. For the first time in my life, the ride was kinda uncomfy.. I can usually sleep on flights but it was a little different this time round with Baby A inside me! Still a good flight nonetheless .

I love flight food! Odd I know.. XD 

DAY 1 - Odaiba and Akihabara

We touched down safely in Haneda in the wee hours of the morning. 

It was an amazing 10 degrees Celsius! 

We decided to have MOS Burger for breakfast.. It was way costlier than what we'd pay in Singapore! 

The burger was really good though! All that melted cheese! 

I really enjoyed the cold air! 

We waited till 9am for the Post Office to be in operation before picking up the pocket wifi gadget we had arranged. 

We then grabbed an express train down to Tokyo.. being way more accessible than Narita, the train ride was much cheaper too! I love their express trains that bypass train stations! 

We then made our way to our hotel for the trip, Hotel Mystay Ochanomizu. where we met my BIL Joey. After dropping our bags, we headed to the shop where we had a really great Udon experience from our last trip..  

(I love replica food!)

Paying for our order via the ticket machine

Anytime is a good time for beer said the hubby! 

It was a little disappointing though.. our orders got mixed up.. 

The guys had the wrong orders without complains..

I requested for mine to be changed.. It was way saltier this year. LOL. 

We then made our way to Odaiba.. 

A tree of pudding dogs!

Such adorable stuff! 

Hubby was very excited to have found his exclusives in 7-11! 

Since the giant Gundam was due to leave next year, we met it for the last time and bid our farewells. 

We visited my favourite Daiso outlet in Diver City and spotted lots of great stuff! 

These silicon moulds were really pretty! 

These too! 

I also got mad adorable pill boxes!

After Odaiba, we were kinda tired so we headed back to our hotel room to rest before heading out again. I ordered some items via Amazon Prime the day before our trip and it was prompty delivered to our hotel room by 6pm! GOSH, I was so amazed by their efficiency! 

We then headed to a Tonkatsu joint nearby for dinner! 

After dinner we headed to Yodobashi Camera Akihabara! It's like heaven on earth XD 
They have so many departments and the toy department is one of our favourite.. 

So many bento stuff! 

Kitchen gadgets for kids..

Even the playing cards were so adorable! 

I also found a really extensive collection of clay materials for my replica food! 
Hubby and Joey got lost in the gundam section XD 

We then retired for the night in our hotel while Joey returned to his capsule hotel. We like Mystays Ochanomizu.. it's a simple 3 star business hotel that's clean and yet convenient. We had 3/4 train stations near us! All within walking distance.. Their service was great too. 

DAY 2 - Disneyland Tokyo

On Day 2, we visited the Happiest Place on Earth!! 

We took the train to Maihama.. it was a really chilly morning! I love the trees.. but sadly it wasn't as pretty as it was last year as winter arrived early in 2016. 

I was one happy baby XD 

We started the day with very very delicious waffles! 

We played some Arcade games and won Baby A his first toy! (: 

Of course, I couldn't take MOST of the rides that I usually love like the roller coasters, we took an easier route this year.. it was pretty laid back.. but the whole idea was really to enjoy the atmosphere in one of my favourite places in the world.. 

Dale was perfect for hugging cos it was pretty cold. 

Delicious turkey leg! 

My castle <3

The wind was really harsh that day.. Joey didn't plan to join us in the first place but he decided to do so in the later part of the morning.. 

Having fun together!

We took my favourite pooh ride!! 

We also did some window shopping.. there were just so many adorable stuff in Disneyland! 

I had REALLY wanted to buy baby stuff for Baby A then.. but not being sure of his gender then, we didn't buy anything. 

We had fun fooling around..

We had lunch at the pizza place.. love the dumplings! 

The seafood calzone was really good too! 

I couldn't find my minnie headgear before the trip so I went without it.. but we found a stand with it and took photographs with it! 

It got colder as the day progressed, perfect for a popsicle! XD 

We took a couple of rides, basked in the Christmas Disney atmosphere and did some shopping. 

I love the kitchen stuff!! <3

It was really really windy!

I really love Disney (: 

Check out these mad adorable picks! (: 

It wasn't too crowded when we were there.. possibly cos' we planned it well! HAHA! Do check out the Disneyland calendar before planning your trip! 

With my better half who made it all possible (: He had to replan the itinerary as we found out that I was expecting.. tough work indeed! 

As it was really cold, we surrendered rather early at 4.30pm when the sky started getting all dark.. by 5pm it was ALL DARK. 

We had dinner at a ramen place near our hotel.. Piping hot ramen's perfect for a cold winter night! 

Day 3 - Tokyo Disneysea

On Day 3, we headed to Disneysea. 


We were solo that day.. 

Disneysea brings back so many memories.. 

Our breakfast! 

I was so tempted to buy these! 

We took happy rides like the carousel.. it was freezing cold! 

Lunch was delicious. Theme park food is usually crappy.. but Disneyland and Disneysea have the most amazing theme park food.. 

Such adorable work of art! 

Caramel popcorn! 

More adorable kitchen stuff! 

By the 3rd day, I was weary. I guess the walking really did wear me out then.. and being pregnant made it tougher.. I couldn't take many of my favourite rides either.. so we left early.. But! I'm so gonna take Baby A back in 3 years' time when he's older! 

Love the environment! 

I spotted my favourite noodles! There was even a strawberry shortcake flavour! 

We then realised that we returned to Disneyland and Disneysea exactly a year apart.. It was good! It was also our 3rd consecutive year there since we were there in early 2014 for our honeymoon! 

We returned to the hotel for a short rest.. I had a delightful bath! I love baths! 

We then visited the mall opposite for a late dinner. These were the hubby's snacks! This only costs $6.50! 

We then settled for dinner at this tiny yet quaint restaurant ran by 2 men. 1 was the chef while the other did pretty much everything else. The deep fried pork belly was exceptionally good as it melted in our mouths! 

I miss food in Tokyo! 

So that concludes our trip from Day 1 - 3.. will write more soon! (: 

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