Friday, March 1, 2013

Billy & Cynthia POST 7: Selected Photoshoot Gowns

Here are my selected gowns for the photoshoot. I'm totally in love with the corseted bustier type of gown as it flatters my body the most. For the indoor photoshoot, I'm using my AD WG, my AD EG. For the outdoor photoshoot, I'm using these two gowns: the PS WG and the PS EG. (: 

Click here for the NAYS of my gown fitting session! Click on for the gowns that I've selected plus photos of my trial makeup with Helen (:
This is my outdoor PS EG in classy blood red. I'm so in love with the glamour of this piece. I look so tall in such long gowns! (: The lower half of the dress is so princess-like!

This is the back of the dress with a relatively short train. I do love how the gown fits on the body without the need for a corseted back (:

This is my outdoor wedding gown. It isn't as awesome as my AD wedding gown but I do love it as well. The train's really special (:

It's sort of ruffles-like and I like that (: I'm so excited for the photoshoot on Monday! 

I also did my trial make-up session with Helen of Seletar Broadway. She's my MUA. 

She tried a really simple make-up on me. I love the way she dolled up my lashes. However, I don't like my eyes when one's bigger than the other! Urrrrgh! 

She really made my eyes so much wider than they already are (: LOVE the lashes! The glue she used really allowed the lashes to stay on the whole day. I should get something similar for my own use! Thankfully, even though the eye makeup was thick, my eyes adjusted easily to the falsies as I do have them on occasionally. 

My made-up face!

More self-shots.

I do love how my eyes are widened with the falsies she used. Those I brought were too thin according to her. Despite having loved the make-up she did, I had to use 5 pieces of cotton pad to remove all the makeup when I usually need only 2 pieces of cotton pad to remove my regular makeup! FUYOH! That's a lot of makeup on my face! 

In any case, I'm just really really excited for the photoshoot! We're off to get all the other stuff that we need for the photoshoot. Till then, tata! (: 


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