Thursday, June 26, 2014

Reno Day 4: kitchen base tiles, shower curb and Jpot dinner

I had to return to school this afternoon for 2 hours. The sun was scorching hot today and I blacked out for a quick while the moment I stepped into the office. A headache persisted for pretty much the rest of the day. After the course, mummy picked me up and we headed to our new place. 

The shower curb was completed today! (: 

The materials for the fake ceiling/pelmet also arrived.

The dimensions for our pelmet bookshelf is up too! I'll most likely store my Hello Kitty here! The hubby would store his gundam here!

In the kitchen, the tiles surrounding the kitchen base is up.

A mixture of sand and cement was used to construct the base.

Mummy also got a good view of our unit under renovation. 

We then headed to Jpot at Tampines One for dinner. I LOVE this place. I used to think little of this place (I thought it was some buffet steamboat) till my mil took me there for lunch one afternoon. The rest is history. I love this place enough to bring my family here. I love this place enough to even dine here alone on weekday afternoons! (:

I guess the indv steamboat pots is a huge bonus.. and they've got good service and I love the environment. 

The free-flow drinks bar at $3.80++ per pax.

The generous selection of condiments. I love the blend of the peanut sauce, loads of fried garlic packed with some spring onions.

Mum loves her with loads of chinese celery! 

I love the porridge like soup stock...

Mummy loves the herbal soup. 

They have a huge variety of soups like Bah Kut Teh, fish head soup, tom yum, laksa and so on...

I love my porridge with Pho! 

We tried the kang kong today... odd! Maybe it'll work well for the laksa stop.

They do have set meals but somehow I prefer ordering Ala-carte so that I can choose the best of what I like! 

Pork Belly

My beautiful mummy and I! (:

We love the fried beancurd roll which I cook till it's all soft.

This is like the BEST spinach tofu ever. I will learn to re-create this at home! Best eaten HOT! 

Marinated pork

Spinach... the only time I eat it...

Vermicelli for mummy.
Enoki mushroom

We also ordered fresh prawns and a few other dishes. I just love this place so much I can be there twice a week! Maybe more if I am allowed to! (: I love the beef here too.. just that my mum doesn't take beef so I don't order it when I'm with her... 

Anyway, we went shopping after dinner. There was a Hokkaido Fair at Tampines Mall so we got some stuff.

I bought a set of Original & Strawberry Cheesecake for my sisters.

Mummy got us some snacks filled with custard and red bean!
I was craving for something sweet so we got this Mars ice-cream bar to share.. I love this ice-cream cos it's so much like the mars bar but so much easier to eat! (:

It's time to head for bed soon. Kinda reluctant to return to work so soon.. I feel like my vacation could be longer... then again, who doesn't? (: 

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