Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 24: of loads of anger

Day 24 was supposed to be the day of our kitchen cabinet fitting (long side of the wall). It is especially crucial that I oversee this step especially since the 'flood' last Friday. It was agreed and arranged that the installation would take place in my presence at 4pm. I was dead tired from a long day and supplementary but I still rushed down after work to be there at 4pm, even forsaking my lunch in the process. 

Lo and behold, the unit was empty. 

Apparently, the carpentry wasn't completed in time and well, Richie, our ID FORGOT to inform us of the change. Rushing to an empty unit is no fun at all. 

Moreover, the damaged cabinets were all brought back to their workshop. I didn't really understand why that'd have to do that when there are indeed pieces that are damaged beyond redemption (in my opinion). 

I called him and gave him a piece of my mind. I also demanded that they send the damaged pieces back to the unit and only remove it when the new ones go up.. He merely gave me the "I want to follow your doors' measurements" story which I seriously didn't give a damn about. 

I guess I was just cheesed off. 
Really cheesed off. 

I then called the boss, Glen, and demanded the same. He gave me his story too.. and defended his workers' when he insisted that wet carpentry should not be given to clients.. while I'm pretty sure the carpenter and Richie said otherwise. Trying to persuade me into taking and accepting the wet cabinets.. HMMMM... and I've yet to even pursue the matter of them damaging my water pipes. 

He then said he would change all the carpentry which water had come in contact with, insisting that it does him no good giving me refurbished wood.. and that it's cheaper that it is made from scratch again. 

The installation is due on Friday at 2pm.. Let's just see what they'll make of it... 

On a lighter note,  the doors for our study's shelves is up! 

I like our study. Seriously, I like what Absolook has done so far.. they've been awesome.. but it's a pity how the water flooding incident made everything so nasty now... 

Our TV feature wall was up too.. Same goes for the suspended console. Works' still in progress though!
Our storage heater, mirrors, accessories set etc are also here.. Can't wait for things to turn for the better from here forth.. 

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